The Details:

Yes, you read it correctly.

If you have a friend who's also in need of live GPS tracking, provide him your referral code (below).

For each device he buys using your referral code, YOU get a free month of service on one of your own devices.

To sweeten the deal, we'll also give your friend his first month of service free, as well. Yes, really.

Okay, there's one catch: the device your friend buys has to remain in service for at least 90 days. (Thank our pet accountants for dreaming that one up).

Otherwise... It really is that simple.

If your friend buys 20 devices - and he uses them for at least 90 days - you have 20 free device-months of service coming.

It's just our way of saying "Thank you."

Simple. Straightforward. Honest. Inexpensive. The way the world should  be.